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Pizza & Italian

made with love

Our Story

In the D'Angelo house, meals are not only about quality of food, but about quality of time together.  Family and friends always gather in the focal point of our house - the kitchen!

Our childhood memories include sports, dancing, pool parties, and the aroma of tomato sauce, roasting garlic, or sweet peppers sauteing on the stove.  


No matter how busy our schedules, there was always time for a home cooked meal prepared by all.  We chopped, breaded, seasoned and tasted.  Friends and family gathered at all times of the day, whether a holiday celebration, Sunday dinner or a Tuesday after school.

At our Palm Beach Gardens restaurant, we share our kitchen and memories in every dish we prepare.


Our guests arrive as friends and leave as family.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

~The D'Angelo Family


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